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In his opening remarks Jim Snee, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Hormel Foods had a key takeaway: showing the world that “big food” can actually be “good big food,” which is an important distinction. Jim pointed out that Hormel Foods wants to also help foster collaboration for this work as a way for moving the needle towards food security.

Snee added, “We all have a role to play in creating a better food system.”

  • Answers and solutions were generated collectively and organically, which is an expression of the conference’s theme.
  • Snee pointed out that the idea behind the conference was that no single player in our complex and interconnected food system can solve these challenges on their own. We all must get involved.

“At this conference, I believe you’ll hear some innovative, perhaps revolutionary, ideas. This meeting today will begin partnerships and collaborations that will move those ideas forward.”

Snee had another promising takeaway:

“There’s a negative perception of big food, and we’re adamant about telling our story,” said Snee. “We have the resources and human capital. We can do a lot of great things, and we don’t want to do it in isolation.”

Snee also introduced a concept that seemed to resonate with the summit’s attendees:

“We believe that safe, high quality nutritious food should be available to everyone regardless of needs. As a global branded food company we have an obligation to move that needle from food insecurity to food security, to show the world that big food can be good big food.”