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We’ve assembled a unique mix of topics and participants for 2020.

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Creating a Transparent, Secure, Sustainable Food System for the Future Through Collaboration.

The Food Impact Summit fosters forward-thinking ideas to work towards creating a better food system that benefits everyone. In 2020, we’re bringing together a unique mix of thought-leaders and change agents from academia, foodservice, food companies and non-profits to foster constructive dialogue, explore case study insights, and forge new collaborations toward an improved food future.


Up to $15,000 in grants available in 2020

Do you have an idea for a small change that could generate a positive impact related to our food system? We want to hear from you.

10 Under 20 Food Heroes

At this year’s summit, Hormel Foods will be honoring 10 Under 20 Food Heroes, celebrating the efforts and commitment of remarkable young people who are working to create a better food world. The award ceremony will take place during the luncheon on Wednesday, March 18th.

Summit Agenda & Topics

Day 1 – Wednesday, March 18

Lowell Hall

Registration Opens
Coffee & Refreshments

Lowell Hall

Opening Keynote

Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic Gold Medalist

Lowell Hall

Food for Health: Nutrition, Security and Community
How are communities addressing obesity, food insecurity and healthy food access? With millions of families facing food insecurity and millions more living in food deserts, there is much room for improvement. Fortunately, change is happening fast. Socially connected consumers are expecting new levels of transparency and quality in the food they buy. Convenience stores and cafeterias are being reinvented to serve up better nutrition. What other changes are on the horizon to make our food system more democratic, nutritious and healthy?

Doug Rauch – Founder & President, Daily Table
Diana Rodgers – Real Food Dietitian, Sustainability Advocate, Sustainable Dish
Jeffrey Jacobs – Founder, Hospitality Ventures Consulting

Lowell Hall

Refreshments in lobby

Lowell Hall

The Nudge and Food Impact
A talk by the founder and director of the Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy at Harvard Law School.

Cass Sunstein – Harvard Law School

Lowell Hall


Jim Snee – Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer, Hormel Foods

Lowell Hall

The Future of Food Impact
A Conversation with Jim Snee & David Bell
What are the problems the food industry will face in 2030, and how do we work backwards to find solutions? What does the journey look like to get there? Impact can and should come from everywhere, from all stakeholders. 

Jim Snee – Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer, Hormel Foods
David E. Bell – Moffett Professor of Agribusiness, Harvard Business School

Annenberg Hall

10 Under 20 Food Heroes Luncheon
Honoring The Next Generation of Food Leaders and Changemakers

Created by Hormel Foods, 10 under 20 Food Heroes is an initiative to celebrate and honor young changemakers, heroes and entrepreneurs working to create a better food world–and inspiring others to do the same. 

A seated lunch and Award Ceremony at Annenberg, Memorial Hall

Lowell Hall

10 Under 20  – Perspectives from the New Changemakers
MODERATOR: Joshua Williams, President & Chief Change Maker at Joshua’s Heart Foundation

Lowell Hall

Culinary Impact – Wielding the Power of the Menu
An interactive discussion from the kitchen perspective, we’ll discuss key forces and challenges facing food service and hospitality, and the power inherent in the menu. What factors are impacting menu design now and as we move to the future? How can menu changes create impacts? How can culinary teams further align food choices with health, environmental and social considerations?

MODERATOR: Martin Breslin – Director for Culinary Operations, Harvard University Dining Services 
Dusty Cooper – Director of Culinary Operations and Corporate Chef, Johns Hopkins Health System
Tony Finnestad, Foodservice Business Development Chef, Hormel Foods
Carl Lovett – Vice President of Culinary & Corporate Executive Chef at Fresh Ideas
Ismail Samad – Chef/Partner, The Gleanery
Jared Auerbach – Founder & CEO, Red’s Best

Lowell Hall

Food + Innovation + Impact
Pioneers give short talks about how they are generating positive food impacts through technology and innovation.

1. Christina Belsito – VP Business Development, Cambridge Crops
2. Jennifer Farah – Founder & CEO, Sprouts IO
3. Olga Kachook – Project Manager, GreenBlue/Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Lowell Hall

Refreshments in lobby

Lowell Hall

Discussion: Antibiotics

MODERATOR: Joe Swedberg
Matt Wellington – Campaign Director, U.S.PIRG
Karin Hoelzer – Senior Officer, Health Programs, The Pew Charitable Trusts
Steven Solomon, M.D. Principal, Global Public Health Consulting

Lowell Hall

When Food Giants Pivot
The world’s top food and beverage companies have thousands of employees and billions in annual sales. When companies decide to lead on bold new strategies and initiatives that may not be in their industry’s comfort zone, the impacts can be dramatic, and inspirational.

Bill McGowan – North Atlantic Region, Executive Coordinator of Merchandising, Whole Foods Market
Brad Nelson – Vice President, Global Food+Beverage, Culinary at Marriott International

Annenberg Hall

Networking Reception

Day 2 -Thursday, March 19

Lowell Hall

Guest Registration

Lowell Hall

Campus Conversation: Change and Impact from the Frontlines
A conversation with Harvard University Dining Team.

Lowell Hall

Feeding the Future: Colleges Taking a Stand
College and university leaders discuss strategies for implementing practical and innovative solutions to big campus challenges, from reducing hunger, advocating healthy eating, and reducing waste in the system, while feeding the future well.

MODERATOR: Crista Martin – Director for Strategic Initiatives & Communications, Harvard University Dining Services
Holly Fowler – Co-founder & CEO, Northbound Ventures
Nolan Reese, RD – Director of Resident Dining at Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services
Steve Mangan – Senior Director, University of Michigan Dining
Rebecca Selesky – Executive Director Culinary Services, Michigan State University 
Beth Emery – Director, Boston College Dining Services 

Lowell Hall

Break & Networking
Refreshments in Lowell Foyer

Lowell Hall

Innovation from the Outside: Non-food Leaders Tackle Food Impact
Emerging leaders from outside the food industry have a fast-paced, on the spot exploration of how challenges, innovation, lessons or best practices in other industries could be applied to positive effect in food.

Neal Doyle – Director, Digital Experience Platform, Personal Investing, Fidelity Investments

Lowell Hall

Announcement of Impact Challenge Winners
Presented by:
Justin Levy – Executive Director, Conscious Alliance (2019 Impact Challenge Winner)
Melissa Honeywood – Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Cambridge Public Schools (2019 Impact Challenge Winner)

Lower Level – Memorial Hall

Lunch & Networking

Lowell Hall

Addressing Food Insecurity, Boston and Beyond
One in nine Americans faced food insecurity in 2018, defined as not having the financial resources to regularly get food that is nutritious and healthy. Populations of seniors, children, rural community members, African Americans and Latinos are often in real need. With food insecurity comes a potential host of health issues, including increased rates of obesity and diabetes. How are our panelists working on this multifaceted problem, to build a better food system?

Catherine Drennan – Director, Communications and Public Affairs, Greater Boston Food Bank
Justin Levy – Executive Director, Conscious Alliance
Alanna Mallon – Vice-Mayor City of Cambridge
Erin McAleer – President, Project Bread
Sasha Purpura –  Executive Director, Food for Free

Lowell Hall

Intro – What is Regenerative Agriculture? Understanding the Basics

Chris Kerston – Chief Commercial Officer, Savory Institute

Lowell Hall

SoS – Save our Soil – The Road to Regenerative Agriculture
Getting to the Future of Farming. Raise awareness about the impact of regenerative agriculture – how do we scale it and create the market demand to make it work?

Chris Kerston – Chief Commercial Officer, Land to Market Program, Savory Institute
Caroline Jaffe – Phd Student/Responsive Environments,  MIT Media Lab
Arohi Sharma – Policy Analyst; Water, Agriculture & Wildlife, NRDC 
Michael Salguero – CEO ButcherBox

Lowell Entryway

Break & Networking
Refreshments in Lowell Foyer

Lowell Hall

Future of Farming: Mobilizing the New Generation of Farmers
It’s 2030, and a new generation of tech-enabled farmers are thriving on the front lines of the fight against global warming. What techniques and tools are they using? And what inspired them to swim against the currents of urbanization and the gig economy?

Ephi Eyal – CEO, Hinoman USA
Caroline Jaffe – Phd Student/Responsive Environments,  MIT Media Lab
Alina Zolotareva, RDN – Marketing Director, Aerofarms 

Lowell Hall

Road to 2030 – Open Forum & Closing Remarks
Looking back from 10 years ahead, how did we solve the challenges facing our food ecosystem? A futurist’s look back on what solutions were needed to get ‘here’. 

Summit Presenters

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