Creating a Transparent, Secure, Sustainable Food System for the Future Through Collaboration.

We all have a role to play in creating a better food system. The SMALL CHANGE BIG IMPACT FOOD SUMMIT is a springboard for enacting changes that will have a positive impact for everyone. This invitation-only summit brings together a unique mix of thought-leaders and change agents from academia, food service, food brands and non-profits to foster constructive dialog, explore case study insights, and forge new collaborations toward an improved food future.


Future of Food

Local Sourcing

Supply Chain

Agricultural Innovation


Clean Label

Food Security

Food Waste

Corporate Responsibility & Impact

Culinary Trends



Registration & Breakfast

Guest registration and continental breakfast


Opening Remarks

David Davidson, Managing Director, Harvard University Dining Services


Summit Keynote

Jim Snee, Charinman of the Board, President and CEO – Hormel Foods

Our Food JourneyTM: Big Food Doing Good: How one global food company is inspired by the food it makes and the difference it is making in the world.


Pioneers and Leaders Roundtable:

Small Change / Big Impact

Organizations of all sizes collectively have the ability – and responsibility – to effect change in our food system. Even small, incremental changes can have a huge impact.

MODERATOR: David Bell, George M. Moffett Professor of Agriculture and Business, Harvard Business School

  • Jim Snee, Charinman of the Board, President and CEO, Hormel Foods
  • Geoff Freeman, CEO, Grocery Manufacturers Association
  • Jim Borel, Former EVP,  DuPont


Changemaker Impact Award

Recognizing an industry leader, organization or company that is a changemaker and
making an impact through its work or partnerships.


Finding Food Security:

Across Continents, Communities and Campuses

Despite plentiful production of affordable food, food insecurity is everywhere. How can we address this complex problem and make sure all communities have access to nutritious food, locally, nationally and globally?

MODERATOR: Ethan Watters, Futurist and Contributing Editor, Attention Span FWD

  • Jason Streubel, Senior Director Agriculture and Food Security, Convoy of Hope
  • Carol Tienken, COO, Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Justin Levy, Executive Director, Conscious Alliance
  • Ashleigh E. Cromer, Executive Director, Be Strong


Changemaker Impact Award

Recognizing an industry leader, organization, or company who is a change-maker and making an impact through their work or partnerships.


Food Waste:

Waste Not Want Not

By some estimates, nearly half of the food grown, processed and transported in the U.S. goes to waste, despite the fact that America has more than enough food to feed everyone. How can we re-engineer food delivery, packaging and post-consumer processing to make sure fresh food gets distributed efficiently?

MODERATOR: Crista Martin, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications, Harvard University Dining Services

  • Sasha Purpura, Executive Director, Food for Free
  • Ricky Ashenfelter, CEO, Spoiler Alert
  • Syd Mandelbaum, Founder & CEO, Rock and Wrap it Up
  • Jasmine Crowe, CEO, Goodr
  • Ismail Samad, Director of Operations, CommonWealth Kitchen




Small Change Big Impact Case Studies

Antibiotics in Agriculture, from idea to impact.
  • Kathy Talkington,  Project Director Antibiotic Resistance Project, Pew Charitable Trust’s
  • Joe Swedberg, Chairman, Farm Foundation
Harvard University Dining Services, from idea to impact.
  • Arlene Richburg, Executive Chef, Harvard University Dining Services


Innovation in Agriculture

The approaches to farming are being transformed through innovation. How does this benefit the global food chain, and what does it mean for the immediate future of farming?

MODERATOR: Gina Asoudegan, VP Mission and Innovation, Applegate

  • Jim Stringer, Specialty Buyer, Costa Fruit & Produce
  • Martin Lemos, Deputy Director, National Young Farmers Coalition
  • Adeline Druart, President, Vermont Creamery
  • Janae Metzger, Assistant Manager, Mogler Farms


Unleashing the Potential of Food Service

Feeding thousands of people a day is never easy. It means balancing availability, variety, and transparency. Foodservice operators have brought real change to their work by reducing energy (and costs) and embracing sustainability. How might foodservice innovation lead the rest of the food industry to a brighter future?

MODERATOR: Bill Anderson, Winsight Media & Events, SVP, Noncommercial Foodservice

  • Dan Coudreaut, Former VP Culinary Innovation, McDonald’s
  • Jeffrey Amoscato, VP Supply Chain and Menu Innovation, Shake Shack
  • Maureen Timmons, Director of Dining Services, Northeastern University
  • Dave Megenis, VP Procurement, Nuovo Pasta


Changemaker Impact Award

Recognizing an industry leader, organization, or company who is a change-maker and making an impact through their work or partnerships.


Future of Food Part 1:

From Plant Protein to Urbanization

What are the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the food industry and the worldwide food system? We’ll discuss the emerging technologies driving the next decade of change.

MODERATOR: Josh McHugh, CEO & Editor in Chief, Attention Span FWD

  • Todd Boyman, CEO, Hungry Planet
  • Beth Emery, Director of Dining Services, Boston College Dining
  • John Ghingo, President, Applegate


Future of Food Part 2:

Evolving the Culinary Arts

Food tribes such as Whole 30, paleo, and gluten-free present a new source of community and ways of life for consumers. As personalized nutrition continues to grow, it’s vital to anticipate how your products provide sustenance, enjoyment, and lifestyle benefits to these tribes.

MODERATOR: Ron DeSantis, CMC, CEO, CulinaryNXT

  • Jody Adams, Chef/Co-Owner Trade / Porto / Saloniki
  • Lamar Moore, Executive Chef & Partner, The Swill Inn & Chit Chat Lounge
  • Kenneth Temple, Celebrity Chef, Savory LLC
  • Lucas Sin, Culinary Director, Junzi Kitchen
  • Martin Breslin, Director of Culinary Operations, Harvard University Dining Services


Changemaker Impact Award

Recognizing an industry leader, organization, or company who is a change-maker and making an impact through their work or partnerships.


Closing Remarks and Call to Action

We’re all in this journey together, from big companies and global NGOs to startups and individuals. Together, we can make small changes that result in big impacts.


Networking Reception

Networking, gourmet bites & delightful drinks

Our Food Journey™ Impact Challenge

Small Changes can make a Big Impact. We’re looking for organizations, individuals and groups with ideas for creating a positive impact on the food ecosystem. They can apply to receive up to $10,000 in grant funding from Hormel Foods!

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